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Martin at Components, Special Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, 4 to 10 May 2017


Martin will attend the Components Special Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, 4 to 10 May 2017.


Certification 3A: “Tekno-Hygienic” new Martin line for the food and pharmaceutical industry


3A: quality service hygiene

Streamline processes, reduce production times, maintenance and cleaning are key aspects in any industry.
But they hold particularly fundamental importance in the field of food production, beverage and chemical / pharmaceutical industry, where the hygienic aspect can be considered one of the driving forces that push manufacturers to develop new technologies.

Designing new machines and adapt them to the current hygienic / sanitary standards, it can mean a lot in an increasingly launched towards the future market. It is necessary that all the experts are aware that a machinery or equipment is certified 3A, not only ensures a recognized security at international level, but allows the company to differentiate itself, to excel.

A step forward

The new range of Martin products for the food and pharmaceutical industry called “Tekno-Hygienic” was designed and built in compliance with the most stringent current hygiene standards and has the following purposes:
– Ensure greater hygiene compared to all the previous products
– Quality and compatibility in the food sector of the materials used
– Reduction of the washing times and use detergents
– Easy cleaning

Martin Spa, this new challenge was to research and study of new products that were in conformity with current standards. For example, the certification issued by the company American nonprofit, 3-A SSI. an independent company, it represents the interests of three important groups that have a common commitment to promoting food security and public health.

Not only feet

With the accessories he wanted to go beyond the mere concept of sanitizing media for machinery, so the company has extended the range of products dedicated to areas highly demanding, even the accessories stainless homemade.

Martin, for the first time in the international market, and totally exclusive, manufactures handles, knobs closures quarter of a turn (already certified to IP 67 and 69K) that meet the requirements of 3A 00-00 General Requirements for Parts and components. These are achievements standards and then in stock under the conditions of sale in use.

In addition to this, in collaboration with the Institute 3-A SSI, Martin offers its customers its own development office, and can help create special items which require this certification.

Download the PDF of this new line “Tekno-Hygienic”

Cibus Tec 2016, October 25 to 28, with Martin

Cibus Tec

From 25 to 28 October 2016 will take place Cibus Tec, which will see the participation of Martin among the protagonists of the best technological innovation solutions for food companies: one of the most innovative global events dedicated to the agri-food and drink sector, Cibus Tec held in Parma, the city that hosts the event since 1939 and Italian district with the largest concentration of food and technology companies.

Martin at Subcon show

subcon logo

In Birmingham,7 to 9 June 2016, will take place Subcon, fair which will be attended by Martin.

Subcon is the UK’s premier manufacturing supply chain show, dedicated to subcontracting and outsourced engineering services. The show has been designed to connect buyers with suppliers across manufacturing supply chains, matching visitor needs to the capabilities of world class exhibitors.

Magic: Adjustable Feet with Castor


Martin Srl has released a brand new product that adds a new functionality to the so popular levelling feet. It turns a static solution in to a mobile one, giving the advantage to be able to move the structure or machine in environments where mechanical means, such as forklifts and loading pallets are not allowed.


  • Flexibility (1 product satisfies 2 needs)
  • Speed of action
  • Time saving
  • Less manpower to move the structure around
  • Attractive design

It is really that fast and simple. By operating on the device with a simple Allen key, you will be able to convert a static levelling foot, even equipped with a rubber NBR pad, in to a mobile support capable to move light-medium load equipment, even in small areas where installations can be a problem.

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Martin Levelling Components

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New 3A Tekno-Hygienic line

New line 3A

Magic Adjustable Feet with Castor

Magic: Adjustable Feet with Castor

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