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Martin at Subcon show

subcon logo

In Birmingham,7 to 9 June 2016, will take place Subcon, fair which will be attended by Martin.

Subcon is the UK’s premier manufacturing supply chain show, dedicated to subcontracting and outsourced engineering services. The show has been designed to connect buyers with suppliers across manufacturing supply chains, matching visitor needs to the capabilities of world class exhibitors.

Magic: Adjustable Feet with Castor


Martin Srl has released a brand new product that adds a new functionality to the so popular levelling feet. It turns a static solution in to a mobile one, giving the advantage to be able to move the structure or machine in environments where mechanical means, such as forklifts and loading pallets are not allowed.


  • Flexibility (1 product satisfies 2 needs)
  • Speed of action
  • Time saving
  • Less manpower to move the structure around
  • Attractive design

It is really that fast and simple. By operating on the device with a simple Allen key, you will be able to convert a static levelling foot, even equipped with a rubber NBR pad, in to a mobile support capable to move light-medium load equipment, even in small areas where installations can be a problem.

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In Monaco the IBA 2015

IBA 2015

Martin will take part in 2015 edition of the IBA, the leading trade fair in the world of bakery, confectionery and snacks, to be held in Monaco 12 to 17 September.


“iba has been the meeting point of choice for the bakery and confectionery trade since 1949. It now delights more than 70,000 visitors from over 160 countries. With its diversity and drive, it has established itself as the world’s leading trade fair, where more than 1,200 exhibitors from all over the world present the latest innovations, trends and technical developments”.

(Cathleen Speerschneider, IBA Project Manager)


Martin at IPACK-IMA 2015

IPACK logo expo italia 2015

Martin will be present at IPACK-IMA, in Milan from 19 to 23 May 2015.

“IPACK-IMA is among the most attractive global exhibitions for suppliers of technology and materials for packaging, processing and material handling as it is capable of giving room, voice and momentum to all industry players by providing new ideas, initiatives and anticipations at each edition”.

2 nuovi prodotti per la famiglia Accessori

nuovi accessories 2015

Martin presents 2 new products from the Accessories Series. Specifically, these are AISI 304 Stainless Steel Closing Systems ¼ turn with balancing spring, certified IP67 & IP69K. The IP acronym stands for Ingress Protection rating system and is an internationally recognized scale that relates to proven protection against environmental factors such as liquids and solids. The first number refers to the amount of protection a scale or indicator enclosure has against solid matter (such as dust particles), while the second number defines the level of protection against liquids. The larger each digit is, the greater the protection.

The IP69K rating provides protection against ingress of dust and high temperature, high pressure water – making products with this certification ideal for use in conditions where equipment must be carefully sanitized. In industries such as food processing, where hygiene and cleanliness is paramount, equipment must be able to withstand rigorous high pressure, high temperature wash-down procedures. In many industries, where dust and dirt can be an issue, it is important to ensure that dust cannot penetrate the casing of a product and cause it to fail. The IP69K rating is the highest protection available.

(Italiano) Nuova gamma Linea A-3 Tekno-Hygienic

Nuova gamma Linea 3-A

Magic Adjustable Feet with Castor

Magic: Adjustable Feet with Castor

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