Adjustable feet

Leveling feet: anti-vibration mounts and adjustable feet

The foot (also know as anti-vibration), is a technical industrial product composed of a spindle/screw and a base/plate for levelling and supporting structures of different nature.

Leveling feet, stainless steel feetThe leveling foot, especially in the last 30 years, has become an integral part of the package needed to assemble almost any machine: if combined with other technical articles of undoubted synergy can indeed provide great satisfaction to those who want to actively offer it to their customers.

Usually used for leveling and as a support, it is used in countless fields.
Among the most common applications surely we can cite the machinery (in the widest meaning of the term); any type of machine, in fact, is installed on wheels (castors & wheels) or leveling feet (adjustable feet): from the most recent ones such as numerical control lathes, milling machines, machining centers, water/laser/plasma cutting, or for wood working, textile, glass, ceramics, paper, tobacco, to the most popular machines, but more demanding in terms of hygiene, in the packaging industry, meat, dairy, bakery, bottling, labeling up to the military, solar and renewable energy, not to mention the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry with demanding hygiene standards.

The foot is a relatively simple artifact, technically speaking, but the modern industry’s requirements for high performing materials that must satisfy REACH and RoHS regulations, make it harder to handle it. Without mentioning the design and good look of it, which may not be important for some but always desirable for many.

A foot not reliable 100% could compromise the entire machine performance. The difficulties of finding quality items at an affordable price with an immediate availability on the market may discourage anyone. The almost infinite variations of a single item in fact make it difficult to keep this product in stock without a strong economical commitment. But our experience has widely proven that an effort in this way will eventually pay. Being able to quickly supply customers is becoming nowadays the key to win market shares, even more than a better price.

Feet and standard elements: endless uses

Other applications such as conveyors, palletizers, robotic arms, appliances, shelving, scales, presses, electrical cabinets and many more, find in the adjustable feet the ideal component. Our proven experience along with that of our Italian and foreign partners confirms that ideal synergy to successfully sell these supports is achieved by combining the item with other packages of products, rather than propose it individually.

Standard elements, handles, knobs, locksTransmission components (power transmission) are the heart of automation. Having items like bearings, gearboxes, gear motors, belts, chains and guidelines in your range can be a successful decision.

Another happy coupling is certainly the one with the so-called standard elements: handles, hinges, knobs, locks, closing systems and all those articles which complete the machine structure, combines very well with the foot.

As a final partnership, it is worth quoting the vibration field. Buffers, silent blocks, shock absorbers etc. are items with proven synergy. However, dealing with vibrations means opening a door on a world which we do not want to get involved with, for the specific technical knowledge required and which we cannot provide. Yet, Martin is able to offer a range of products able to solve the most common problems related to vibrations issues and which allows you to further expand your sale horizons.

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