Magic: Adjustable Feet with Castor


Martin Srl has released a brand new product that adds a new functionality to the so popular levelling feet. It turns a static solution in to a mobile one, giving the advantage to be able to move the structure or machine in environments where mechanical means, such as forklifts and loading pallets are not allowed.


  • Flexibility (1 product satisfies 2 needs)
  • Speed of action
  • Time saving
  • Less manpower to move the structure around
  • Attractive design

It is really that fast and simple. By operating on the device with a simple Allen key, you will be able to convert a static levelling foot, even equipped with a rubber NBR pad, in to a mobile support capable to move light-medium load equipment, even in small areas where installations can be a problem.

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Magic Adjustable Feet with Castor

Magic: Adjustable Feet with Castor

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